Our Restaurant Manager
Jan Restorff

While Jan Restorff, from the Faroe Islands, geographically comes from the farthest regions of the Kingdom of Denmark, he is a wholly central figure in the history of Søllerød Kro. In 1999, he assumed the position of restaurant manager, and ever since, he has cherished and developed the spirit of Søllerød Kro, which has always been centred on putting the guest first.

Food is a significant part of the experience at Søllerød Kro, but equally important is ensuring that guests feel comfortable in all other aspects of their restaurant visit. For nearly 25 years, Jan Restorff has been a trailblazer in this regard at Søllerød Kro, an accomplishment that has led, among many others, to the restaurant guide White Guide renaming their annual service award to “Jan Restorff of the Year.”

The love for wine

The passion for excellent service does not stand alone. It is accompanied by an immense enthusiasm for the world of wine, which is why Jan Restorff is also the architect behind Søllerød Kro’s wine list and wine pairings.

For Jan Restorff, wine is more than just a beverage. It is a reflection of people, time, and place, which he loves to share when he senses that guests want to know more. Throughout the years, he has evolved Søllerød Kro’s wine list into one of the most deep and extensive wine lists in Denmark. It has been recognized as Denmark’s best wine list multiple times by Den Danske Spiseguide (The Danish Dining Guide) as well as in the White Guide.


  • Sommelier of the Year 2004, The Danish Dining Guide
  • The Champagne Prize 2004, Best Restaurants in Denmark
  • “Dish of the Year” special award for best hospitality 2007, The Association of Danish Food Critics
  • ’Dish of the Year’ Prize of Honour, The Association of Danish Food Critics
  • Prize of Honour 2019, The Danish Gastronomy Foundation”
  • Hospitality experience of the year by White Guide changed name to ’Best Jan Restorff of the year’ in 2019
  • Service Experience of the Year 2016 and 2018, White Guide
  • Best Wine List of the Year 2015 and 2018, White Guide
  • Best Beverage experience 2009, Dish of the Year by the The Association of Danish Food Critics
  • Best Service 2007, Dish of the Year by the The Association of Danish Food Critics