About Us

The “Søllerød Soul”

Even though our hearts beat for gastronomy, a visit to Søllerød Kro is about much more than the food alone. A visit to Søllerød Kro pauses the busy everyday life or becomes the framework for a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated in an exceptional way.

The spirit and soul of a place reside not solely in the bricks and furniture. It is carried and strengthened by the people who contribute to the shaping of it. This is especially true at Søllerød Kro, where each employee, across various functions, takes pride in ensuring that our guests feel well and at comfort. We cherish traditional virtues without ever becoming stiff. Going to a great restaurant is all about enjoying oneself and feeling comfortable. That is precisely what the employees at Søllerød Kro consider their most important task, from the moment the guest reserves a table until it is time to say goodbye and, hopefully, ‘until next time’.

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