Private Dining

Parties and corporate events – Min. 20 people

As the host of a special occasion or an important event, it is crucial to feel confident that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly and that all the elements that ensure a great evening are delivered flawlessly. When that is the case, you can relax and, above all, enjoy the company of your guests. That is precisely what we pride ourselves on delivering when we open up Søllerød Kro’s event venues. Here, you can enjoy the fine food that is based on the same passion for quality ingredients and craftsmanship as our restaurant next door. We ensure that everobody is well served and that there are optimal conditions for speeches, performances, and other program elements to unfold in peace.

Regardless of the size of the event, we offer a wide range of possibilities, and we do our utmost to tailor the event to your requests to in order to create the perfect event.

We entitle you to take a look at what we offer in our event venues for a minimum of 20 people.

You are more than welcome to send us an inquiry or give us a call if you have any questions, requests, or similar matters that we can assist you with.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests to Søllerød Kro.