Almost 345 years ago…

In 1677, Søllerød Kro opened its doors to its first guests. The local vicar had been granted permission to run a local establishment for the locals and travellers passing through in the beautiful, whitewashed building by the village pond, nestled between the church, castle and nearby forest. Søllerød Kro quickly became an important part of the local area, and with the arrival of the automobile to Denmark in the 1920s, the inn also became a popular day-trip destination, with people coming from near and far to dine and socialise at the inn’s idyllic surroundings.

Today, the building is a listed site and is treated with great reverence and respect. There is an unmistakable presence of history at the inn, and one cannot help but feel impressed by its impressive tap rooms. At Søllerød Kro, there is an air of solemnity that one always finds at historical sites, but also a warmth and feeling of being welcome no matter who you are, as befits an inn.

Søllerød Kro received its first Michelin Star in 1987 and has had a star in the Michelin Guide every year since 2007.

Today, Søllerød Kro is owned by Michael Jordan, and it has been owned by the Jordan family for 25 years.