The Wine

The legendary wine list at Søllerød Kro

Our wine list is often referred to as the best in the Nordic region. We leave that for others to decide, but we are very proud to have received the “DENMARK’S BEST WINE LIST” award from the Danish Dining Guide (“Den Danske Spiseguide”) no less than nine times.

The wine list is very extensive, featuring wines from many countries, regions, etc. – with no less than 2000 different wines in total – which is why we have chosen to give you the opportunity to view the wine list here on our website.

When working with wine and food, one often develops a few favourites, be it the country, region, grape or producer. To us, what is important is that the wine complements the food, which is why we have several sommeliers on hand to take care of this important aspect of a visit to Søllerød Kro.

Our 30 or so wine suppliers help ensure that we always know when a new vintage is arriving in the country and whether there are any interesting and exciting new wines that we can offer our guests.

Søllerød Kro’s sommeliers, Philip Persson, Tórur Restorff and I go through the process of several wine tastings and expeditions to determine whether a wine is a “Søllerød wine” and deserves a place on the wine list.

/Jan Restorff