Our Head Chef

Brian Mark Hansen

We have always known that Brian Mark Hansen is made of a special material. This was truly solidified when he, along with his Danish team, won the Bocuse d’Or in January 2023, the world’s most prestigious culinary competition, considered the unofficial world championship for chefs.

We are obviously proud to have a veritable global star in gastronomy leading the kitchen at Søllerød Kro. However, this is due to far more than Brian’s most recent triumph. Since assuming the role of head chef in 2013, he has been at the forefront of a targeted effort to make Søllerød Kro one of the Denmark’s best dining establishments, with the guest’s comfort being the top priority.

Brian Mark Hansen’s cuisine is classically rooted yet entirely his own. Classic ingredients and cooking methods are always challenged and complemented by a strong curiosity to bring new scents, flavours, and visual expressions to the experience at Søllerød Kro. Asian flavour nuances breathe new life into classic sauces, while fermented vegetable broths and other preserved elements from the plant kingdom add a complexity that brings increased depth and richness to the taste.

Sauce is one of his great passions. They play a great role in Brian Mark Hansen’s dishes where they add flavours and textures that complete the dishes and provide Jan Restorff with exciting new opportunities to pair the food with carefully selected bottles from the wine cellar. Additionally, during his tenure as head chef at Søllerød Kro, Brian Mark Hansen has become one of Denmark’s foremost experts in the use of caviar, which plays a central role in several of his signature dishes here at Søllerød Kro.

Even before assuming the role of head chef, the blood of Søllerød ran thick in Brian Mark Hansen’s veins. From 2007 to 2011, he served as sous chef at the inn, and our Southern Jutland-born head chef has also made his mark at places like Kong Hans Kælder and Ruths Hotel before finding his way to the old inn north of Copenhagen.


  • Winner of Bocuse d’Or 2023
  • Winner of the European Bocuse d’or qualification 2022
  • ‘Dish of the year’ (seafood) 2022, The Association of Danish Food Critics
  • ‘Dish of the year’ (desserts) 2019 and ‘20, The Association of Danish Food Critics
  • Winner of the dessert competition at Sol over Gudhjem 2018 and ‘19, the biggest Danish competition for chefs
  • Winner of ‘Pork dish of the year’ 2016
  • Winner of ‘The Golden Langoustine Claw’ 2014, Læsø Langoustine Festival

Winner of ‘Best dish of the year with game 2012, Årets Vildtret