Various Prices

in private dining rooms

Mineral water (per bottle 0.75 l) – DKK 80
Alm. vand (33 cl.) – DKK 45
Alm. pilsner (33 cl.) – DKK 55
Krenkerup øl (33 cl.) DKK 85
Coffee/tea (per person) – DKK 45
Cognac, liqueur etc. (3 cl.) – from DKK 80
Cognac, liqueur etc. de luxe (3 cl.) – from DKK 125
Chocolates/sweets with coffee (per person) – DKK 55
Flower arrangements, own choice (per person) – DKK 40
Menu cards (per person) – DKK 30
Invitation card with envelope – DKK 30


3 kinds of snacks (per person) – DKK 55

Late Night Supper – Choose between:

Danish sauages with homemade pickles, lard and bread from own bakery
“Frikadeller” with potato salad and pickles
Soup of the season with butter and bread from own bakery
DKK 145 per person


Bar – After Consumption

We organise the bar according to your requirements
and settle after consumption.
Mineral Water per bottle (0,75 l.) – DKK 80
Soft Drinks (33 cl.) – DKK 45
Beer – Pilsner (33 cl.) – DKK 55
Beer – Krenkerup (33 cl.) DKK 85
3 cl. Liquor – DKK 50
Bottle of Liquor (70 cl.) – DKK 855

Bar 1

“Soft” free bar – 2 hours
Beer, soft drinks and house wine
Price per person – DKK 225
Supplement per extra hour – DKK 95

Bar 2

“Party” free bar – 2 hours
Beer, soft drinks and liquor (House brands)
Price per person – DKK 335
Supplement per extra hour – DKK 150
When ordering free bar 1 or 2,
we will charge for the total number of guests (also valid for extra hours).

Bar 3

If a cocktail bar is arranged with an “external” bartender,
we will charge a fee of DKK 100 per person.
And approx. 1 hour per waiter of DKK 500 must be added
in extra payment for cleaning after the guests have left.

Way of serving

All courses are served on plates
and will be offered once.
Buffets and Table of the season are served on dishes
from which you serve yourself.

Corkage per bottle of wine

If you drink your own wine: DKK 400 per 1/1 bottle

Wedding Cake

For wedding cake supplied by you,
serving charge: DKK 50 per person

Extra payment for service after 01.00 am

DKK 500 per hour per waiter

Finish Time

Lunch arrangement: At the latest 5.00 pm
Evening arrangement: As per agreement

Minimum number of guests
in private dining rooms

20 people


At the latest 7 days before arrangement

Payment by Credit Card

Corporate credit cards (issued inside and outside the EU)
and personal credit cards (issued outside the EU)
will be subject to a fee.