Søllerød Kro’s Wine List

Our wine list is often referred to as the best in Scandinavia. This we will not judge about, but we are proud of nine times having received the award “BEST WINE LIST IN DENMARK” given by “Den Danske Spiseguide” (Danish restaurant guide).

The wine list is very comprehensive including wines from a lot of nations, regions etc. – more than 1,600 different wines, and we give you the opportunity to read the entire wine list on this web page.

Working with wine and food, you often find some favourites, for instance a country, a region, a grape or a producer. For us the most important fact is that the wine and the food are matching, therefore we have several sommeliers among our staff who are able to take care of this important part of a visit at Søllerød Kro.

Our wine suppliers, about 30, contribute to the fact that we always are informed when a new vintage arrives to the country and if there are interesting and exciting news to offer our guests.

Søllerød Kro’s sommelier, Henrik Knudsen as well as the undersigned evaluate, on the basis of wine appreciations and travels, if the wine is a “Søllerød Wine” and deserves to be included on our wine list.

Jan Restorff

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