Søllerød Inspiration & Signatur

Søllerød Inspiration Menu

The menu consists of courses with a combination of the season’s ingredients.
The menu is set approx. two weeks before the actual date.

4 courses DKK 675.-
6 courses DKK 875.-

4 courses DKK 850.-
6 courses DKK 1095.-

Søllerød Signatur

The menu contains everything we all dream about :
Caviar – Shellfish – North Sea fish – Truffle …
DKK 1,795.-

See the actual Søllerød Signatur menu and Søllerød Inspiration menu here: Dinner Menu

Minimum 20 persons in Søllerød Salen or Gårdstuen

Wine for Søllerød Inspiration & Søllerød Signatur

We would be pleased to send a wine menu suggestion, one glass per course where the menu and wines are balanced.

If you have special requirements, we would be pleased to send a special suggestion from our wine cellar, which contains approx. 1.600 different wines.